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Not One More Life, Inc. is located at:
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FAQ's For Expansion

Thank you for your interest in having a Not One More Life (NOML) asthma screening program in your city. More than 25 million Americans have asthma and over 8 million of these are children. The most significant reality is that nearly 4000 people die of asthma each year.

African Americans and Hispanic Americans are disproportionately affected by their asthma. They are more likely to be admitted to the hospital and they are more likely to die from their asthma. The impact of this disease is devastating because asthma should kill absolutely no one. As long as we continue to join forces and spread the NOML model, we can change these disparities.

What is the first step to getting a NOML program in my city?

You have already taken the first step by expressing your interest in NOML. The next step is to get others interested as well. Start by reviewing our website to become familiar with the NOML mission so that you will be comfortable talking to others about NOML. Next, you will need to locate churches and individuals who are willing to be a part of a NOML Team and do asthma education and screenings periodically in your community. Once you have identified committed individuals and at least one host church – a local church that would like to have a NOML screening session – contact the NOML program director to begin planning the details.

What is a NOML Team? Who should be on it?

The NOML program director refers to the NOML team as the “Team Of the Willing” because a NOML team should consist of committed volunteers who are willing to devote their time to make a difference. The NOML team consists of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, health educators and lay volunteers who work together to conduct programs at faith-based institutions. Look for doctors who are trained in interpreting lung function like allergists or pulmonologists. Identify someone who can perform spirometry and get a good result - preferably a respiratory therapist. You will need a coordinator to help with the flow of the session and someone who will follow-up after the session by making periodic phone calls to participants. Finally, you will need someone to market and organize the activities, identify host churches and schedule the programs in your city. This person will be your program coordinator or program director. Your program director will also be responsible for maintaining the equipment and supplies. Although not required, we recommend identifying a person to secure funding to maintain your program.

What will it cost to sponsor a NOML program?

You will need to purchase paper, office supplies (pens, etc.) and mouthpieces for the spirometer. You will also need to consider the costs for reproduction of your advertising and marketing materials such as flyers and brochures for your initial program. Many pharmaceutical companies and health education organizations will provide you with no-cost educational materials about asthma and other respiratory diseases but consider including this cost if you cannot receive this as an in-kind donation. Teva, Inc., Merck Inc., GlaxoSmithKlein, local public health departments, Centers for Disease Control, Medscape and WebMD are also good resources for asthma educational materials. The NOML team will leave a free spirometer with the host team to get you started.

The NOML traveling team does not charge a new city for any of the training or associated travel. NOML does not provide supplies or mouthpieces.

Once, your team demonstrates that you have developed a sustained program (scheduling a 3rd session), NOML will provide a budget of up to $7500 from which we will purchase supplies and equipment (additional spirometers, printers and a computer) for your community.

What will the NOML travelling team expect from my host city?

We expect members of the local medical community to form a team. We want you to identify the venue to have the dinner training presentation that will take place the evening before the NOML session and we look for at least one committed church to conduct a session the following day. We also expect to have a point contact person or coordinator. We will require a plain white wall or large screen projector and an accessible electrical outlet and small table to set up our projector.

What should we expect from the NOML training session?

The NOML will bring a travelling team to include the medical director or a program doctor, the program director, and a least one respiratory therapist and one health educator. Each member will provide details about their role at the evening training session and will also provide one-on-one hands on training at the church session on the following day.

The next day, NOML will conduct an actual screening session at the selected church in a train the trainers model. At this session, program participants will hear a short presentation and complete a confidential symptom survey. The respiratory therapists will perform lung function tests (spirometry), print the results and a physician will review the results with the participant. In any case of abnormal lung function, recommendation and resources for follow-up care will be provided to the participant.

NOML will provide new cities with one spirometer and will train new volunteers on its use. We will not provide mouthpieces or a printer but we can provide information on how to obtain supplies for the spirometer. We will bring additional spirometers and printers for the initial program.

How do we get different communities of faith to participate in our program?

Word of mouth works well. We rely on referrals and religious networks (i.e. church councils or ministerial alliances). We suggest that you encourage friends and colleagues to invite their churches. We recommend that you make local radio stations and newspapers along with local church organizations aware of your NOML program. Church bulletins are ideal for advertising NOML sessions as are citywide church meetings like those of Atlanta’s Concerned Black Clergy.

How do we pay for our program?

NOML started with all volunteers and in-kind donations. NOML received its initial funding from a national asthma organization and subsequently from a pharmaceutical company. Many pharmaceutical companies may provide community-based organizations limited funding for efforts like NOML. We recommend contacting these companies and your local asthma organizations to expand your funding sources. Securing funding requires time and skill, hence, we recommend seeking a professional to donate their time to help your organization find funding. Once you’ve taken these steps, you may also want to consider going to the Foundation Center’s website at for more resources. Remember, once your team demonstrates an early commitment to continued programming, NOML will provide up to $7500 for program related purchases.

How do we get the NOML traveling team to our city?

Once you express an interest and identify individuals to help with the program and a host church, call the program director. The program director will outline the needs of the NOML travelling team and provide the participating city with a cd that contains the screening forms, the sign up sheet, a flyer to use to advertise the session, the PowerPoint slides with guidelines on use, slides on spirometry use, etc. You must have the team, the church, the dinner venue, the screen or white wall, the table and electrical outlet and the point contact person in place in order for the team to begin travel arrangements to your city. You will receive a check-list with these items along with a follow-up phone call from the NOML administrative assistant.