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Spring and Summer usher in a multitude of allergic reactions. Pollen, mold and dust are just some of the many things that can trigger a serious asthma attack.

Asthma affects all people of all shapes and sizes and even famous ones, yet, many of them lead normal healthy lives. Their asthma doesn't bother them. How do they do that? They do so because their asthma is well controlled.

There are about 33 million people with asthma in the United States with 8.6 million being children. Hispanics and African-Americans are affected more than any other population. As a result millions of dollars have been lost because of missed days at work and have been spent on a disease that can be controlled.Many people do not realize there is a problem with their lungs simply because they do not know or understand the symptoms of the disease. Our mission at Not One More Life is to partner with communities of faith to provide asthma education to help reduce the negative impact of the disease among African-Americans.

Not One More Life Partners with Designing Places to Provide Asthma Education at Boys and Girls Club in South Florida

Bridge Atlanta

Physician Breathes New Life into Career, Community

Jon Waterhouse For the AJC

After 36 years as a pulmonary specialist, Dr. Leroy Graham will be breathing new life into his career and giving back in the process.

Graham will serve as the CEO and medical director of Bridge Atlanta Medical Center, Atlanta’s latest charitable health center set to open in late summer or early fall. The Norcross-based facility will provide both primary care and specialty care for those in need.

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