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Action Plan

A set of directions written by your physician that tells you what to do should you have any asthma symptoms.


A spacer device used with an MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler) to help control the delivery of medications.


Substances that will trigger an allergic reaction (i.e. animal dander and dust mites.


The tiny air sacs located at the end of your bronchial tubes where gas exchange occurs.


A chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways.


A person who has asthma.

Bronchial Tubes

The airways of the lungs.


The smallest airways of the lungs .


This occurs when the muscles that surround the airways tighten.


Medications that relax bronchial muscle allowing for easier breathing.

Controller Medicines

Medications taken on a daily basis to prevent asthma symptoms.



Medications taken on a daily basis to prevent asthma symptoms.


A type of medicine given to relieve airway inflammation. These are different than anabolic steroids talked about in the media and are safe.


Inflammation is a swelling that occurs on the inside of the lung airway. When this occurs excess mucous is produced choking off the airway.


Metered Dose Inhaler. These are used to deliver some asthma medications such as Xopenex or Symbicort.\

Metered Dose Inhaler

The common device people people use to take their asthma medicines.

Peak Flow

A measurement of well your lungs are functioning.

Quick Relief Medicines

Medications to alleviate acute asthma symptoms.


A test used for the diagnosing of asthma. Spirometry measures the maximal amount of air you can exhale.


Things that cause asthma symptoms to start or become worse.