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Mid-Michigan Asthma Coalition

The Humanitarian Award is given by The Chest Foundation to non-profit, non-governmental health related organizations that benefit from volunteer commitment from American College of Chest Physicians members.

The Medicine Award by The Concerned Black Clergy of Atlanta. Honoring Black men who have made a difference in the African-American community. Dr. LeRoy Graham Founder of Not One More Life received this award.

Not One More Life In The News Links
Not One More Life: An Asthma Screening and Education Program Targeted at Faith-Based Communities.
Hospital inequalities widen the care gap
Asthma Outreach Breathes Life Into Communities : The Not One More Life program goes beyond health fairs in scope and duration, to improve urban health.

Brooklyn Independent TV Interview

Asthma in the Black Community: Healthbeat Brooklyn

Asthma in the Black Community: Brooklyn’s black neighborhoods have some of the highest rates of asthma in New York City. We visit two treatment and management workshops, run by Long Island University and Not One More Life. One is aimed at asthma sufferers, the other at health professionals.