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Instructional Videos On Inhaler & Device Usage

To view any of the video demonstrations listed below position your mouse over the desired video and click. To pause or stop the video click again on the video play. To advance or rewind click and drag the video scroll bar to the left for rewind and to the right to advance.

How to use MDI with Spacer

How to use Metered dose inhaler Closed mouth technique

How to use Metered dose inhaler open mouth technique

How to use Diskus inhaler

How to use Metered dose inhaler (Spanish)

How to use Asthma inhaler - MDI

How to use Handihaler inhaler

How to use Twisthaler inhaler


How to use Aerolizer inhaler

How to use Flexhaler inhaler

How to use Neohaler inhaler

How to use Respimat inhaler

NOML Program Videos

Not One More Life comes to Brooklyn

Childhood Asthma

Breathing Freely

Breathing Freely - Spanish